Prada Purses

One of the most highly recognizable logos is the Prada triangle. When we see a handbag or purse with the Prada logo, many of us assume it's a fake. Most people can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars for a purse, especially when you consider that some Prada bags sell for more than $1,000.

You've seen celebrities toting their Prada purses in the pages of fashion magazines and gossip rags. No matter what else you're wearing, if you've got a Prada purse, people tend to notice. Only a few designer labels fall into the class of status symbol, and Prada is definitely one of them.

Prada Purses For Less

If you've always dreamed of owning a Prada purse, you can buy one affordably--if you know where to shop for the best deals. In the past, women had to settle for designer knock-offs if they wanted to capture the latest high fashion style. Now, you can own the real thing for hundreds of dollars less than you would pay in stores, thanks to eDesignerShop. At eDesignerShop, you'll find a huge range of designer purses and wallets for up to $500 less than retail prices!

Prada has been a trend-setting fashion house since 1913. Prada built its reputation by designing classic clothes, shoes, and purses, and the designers continue to lead the fashion world into exciting territory. If you want to capture the timeless Prada look, go for shades of blacks, greens, grays, browns and creams. You'll find sophisticated bags in these classic colors as well as hot new shades at eDesignerShop.